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ITAMCO reputation for providing the highest standard of services reflects in its long list of customers and executed projects.

  • Enforced cement production line of Misr Co. for enforced cement works (Amereya)

  • Equipment and construction material for P V C production projects (Egyptian Petrochemicals)

  • Equipment and construction material for industrial complex for building and architectural materials (10th of Ramadan City)

  • Equipment and construction material for naphtha processing plant/ Egyptian Petroleum Applied Industries Factory (6th of October City)

  • Equipment and construction material for Paratroopers Housing Project

  • ESG/EGS Exhibition held in 1994 at Cairo International Conference Center

  • Shoubra El kheima Power Plant

  • Novotel Luxor (inclusive of all equipment and accessories)

  • Extensions of 3rd and 4th stages of National Cement Company

  • Kiriazi Factory (10th of Ramadan City)

  • Refrigeration Co. ( the 10th of Ramadan City) (SILTAL)

  • National Ceramics and Porcelain (6th of October City)

  • Al Ezz Ceramics Factory (Sadat City)

  • Training Center of Ministry of Construction

  • NOVA Factory (Amereya)

  • Factory of Islamic Company Filters (10th of Ramadan City)

  • Pharaohs Ceramics Factory (Kom Oshym)

  • Misr International Company for Ceramics Plant

  • Misr for Food Industries Factory


  • Afico Car Filters Factory (10th of Ramadan City)

  • 3rd and 4th stages of Al Ezz Ceramics Plant

  • Misr El Amria Spinning & Weaving Extension (Alexandria)

  • 5th and 6th stages of Al Ezz Ceramics Plant

  • 1st Stage of Al Ezz Steel and Rebars Co.

  • 2nd Extension for Al Amal for Clay Products (Alexandria Factory)

  • Plant Extension for Misr International Ceramics

  • Ceramics Plant for Alpha Group

  • 1st Extension for Alpha Group Plant

  • 1st Residence Project (Giza)

  • AL Ezz for Porcelain Plant

  • IEMSA Project (Alexandria)

  • Ramada Pyramids Hotel




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